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Hello there...

Hello friends! I am Andrea, the heart of Annie’s Attic. I am a one woman show here. Ok ... well with the exception of my other half and loved ones that are always willing to pick up a paint brush.

I was born and raised in my little home town in Pennsylvania. I cannot remember a time where I was not creating or decorating. I remember as a little girl at 10 years old, my mother letting me take over the home decorating. Yes, I'm sure most of the time it was a disaster and not a masterpiece, BUT I did get lots of practice in.

I create handcrafted wooden signs, tiered tray accessories as well as hand sewn home décor. I love that style of decorating where nothing is perfect, because in life what is? I love to work with the old, the rusty and the vintage. I also love to create one of a kind pieces. The thought of upcycling and reusing things that are no longer needed and repurposing into something new, is such a happy thing for me!

So, sit down, relax and grab a cup of coffee and check out all that I have to offer. What pieces do you see here that tells your story? What pieces would you like to start your story?

My mission is to provide everyone with home décor that they are proud to show off. I hope you follow me and let my dream help decorate your home and tell your story.


my heart, my soul, my reason for my dream... My Why

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